Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
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Design Optimization Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Bronswerk Heat Transfer has many years of expertisein improving and optimizing Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers. Whether we use our experience for optimizing customer processes, reuse waste heat, or simply mechanically engineer a lighter and more cost-effective heat exchanger. For our understanding of heat transfer solutions, we rely on decades of experience as a designer and manufacturer of client-specific Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers.

The result could offer a more economical design in CAPEX or OPEX and/or a more efficient solution in terms of heat transfer as well as a design that requires minimal maintenance time and costs, or that removes any vibration issues.

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Optimization through engineering perfection

We are one of the few companies that work as an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company when it comes to the design of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers in the fields of Oil, Gas, Chemical, and Power.

Focusing on customer processes

By improving the thermal design and processes of your current Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, the efficiency of your total plant will increase. You can send us your Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger datasheet for a proposal, but you can also invite us to broaden our view and find a more optimal solution. In both cases we will invest quite a bit of time to fully understand your situation and requirements.

One-stop shop

We realize optimization from engineering and material procurement to manufacturing, delivery and installation as we cover the complete process, from customer requirements to final delivery. We often receive datasheets from EPC companies where the design could be optimized. We always advise our customers on the benefits of our optimized solution. 

Reduced costs and time

We focus on delivering quality on time for a fixed budget. On the road to achieving this goal, our project teams work closely with our customers to tackle any decision without delay. There is a mutual incentive to achieve our final goal. 

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
High pressure shell & tube heat exchanger (compact header)

More efficiency and better performance for your Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Are you unsure whether your Heat Exchanger needs replacement? Are you curious about the benefits that can still be achieved with an extensive overhaul?

Bronswerk Heat Transfer specializes in improving both the heat exchange equipment itself as well as the heat exchange processes. We will first start with extensive research. What is the potential of your current equipment and processes? Where do we see points for improvement?

Using internationally accepted heat thermal design software, we optimize the thermal performance of your Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger.

From design optimization to installation

After order placement, an experienced engineering team will work on the realization of your exchanger. Reduction of weight by design optimization using advanced codes or FEA analysis, minimizing the number of welds or the use of complex forgings, are all common practice for our engineering teams.

All our activities are focused on realizing better results and more efficiency at the lowest possible costs. Never losing sight of quality and craftsmanship.

Bronswerk Heat Transfer is devoted to using its extensive expertise to optimize the processes and designs of all kinds of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers. Not only the ones that we once designed and engineered, but all Heat Exchangers that need an upgrade.

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Problem detected, problem solved

Our customer experienced a vibration problem on a heat exchanger which they replace every two years. When we checked it, we found that the heat exchanger was experiencing severe vibration issues. With our newly designed vibration-free beam, we have solved their problem and after ten years of operation, the equipment still works perfectly and our customer is still completely satisfied with it.

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