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Regeneration Gas Cooler UOP

Duty increase without size increase with the Regeneration Gas Cooler

Learn how we succeeded to increase the performance of a UOP-licensed Regeneration Gas Cooler with limited plot space, while fully complying with the UOP requirements and standards.

Impacting on energy where it matters.

Our solution
Regeneration gas cooler (uop)

Same plot-space, increased performance with our Regeneration Gas Cooler

When a Regeneration Gas Cooler has been in service for many years, there will be a time of overhaul. In the case of Turkish Petroleum, of which the installation has been in use since the 1970s, it was also time for optimization; for better performance. We had to deal with some challenging limitations, however: same plot space, minimal investment and minimal downtime.

Customer challenge

The Turkish company requested a retrofitted Regeneration Gas Cooler with improved performance of their CCR, but in the same plot space and with minimal investment and downtime for the revamp. The fixed locations of the current process nozzle positions were an additional challenge.

Furthermore, the customer wanted to replace and adapt as little equipment and piping as possible to minimize investment costs.

Our approach

The installation dated back to the 1970s. Due to a revamp in the CCR system, the Regeneration Gas Cooler performance had to be increased. 

Bronswerk Heat Transfer used the original process nozzle positions as size constraints for an easy and fast installation. To fit more space in the same volume we changed the two main aspects of the cooler:

  • The nozzle angle was maximized with UOP specifications to maximize the shell volume and diameter.
  • We optimized the tube diameter to find the maximum tube area. This was a trade-off between area surface per tube and the number of tubes that can be fitted on the tube sheet.

The solution

We came up with an elaborate, inventive design, without having to make any changes to the original piping and nozzle locations of the CCR revamp. After installing the equipment, the newly built Regeneration Gas Cooler realizes significantly more heat exchanger surface area within the limited plot space. 

As a result, our customer increased their performance in the same plot space with minimal investment.

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