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Regeneration gas cooler (uop)

Regeneration Gas Cooler - UOP Licensed

Bronswerk Heat Transfer is a UOP licensed designer and manufacturer of Regeneration Gas Coolers. This special type of Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger heats up air which is applied in the Continuous Catalytic Reforming process (CCR) by cooling down regeneration gasses coming out of the process.

The CCR process and associated equipment is licensed by UOP, the international technology licensor for petroleum refining, gas processing, petrochemical production, and major manufacturing.

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We deliver UOP Licensed Regeneration Gas Coolers

To cool down the regeneration gasses from the Continuous Catalytic Reforming process (CCR), we design, manufacture, and deliver UOP Licensed Regeneration Gas Coolers.

UOP licenced supplier

Bronswerk Heat Transfer is one of the UOP-approved suppliers worldwide, guaranteeing high quality, reliable proven design and approved technology.

Free-draining nozzle

Our design has a free-draining nozzle arrangement to ensure no additional draining nozzles need to be added to the design or the piping of your process.

High temperature, low pressure drop

Our equipment is characterized by a high design temperature for high process temperatures (creep range) and low permissible pressure drop on both shell & tube side.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
UOP regeneration gas cooler

No thermal stresses or spare parts needed

Bronswerk Heat Transfer uses a round shaped inlet that generates less (thermal) stresses in the construction.

When making use of our design the customer does not require any spare parts, maintenance or warehouse space.

Guaranteed no acoustic vibrations (vortex)

A combination of UOPs and our internal guidelines for designing the Regeneration Gas Coolers gives us the confidence to supply equipment with an acoustic vibration-free design. This equipment is very sensitive to design flaws, but with Bronswerk Heat Transfer you don’t have to worry. One of the programs we use to guarantee our thermal performance is HTRI. 

Our designs offer a thermal efficiency of up to 95% to 99%, transferring almost all relative heat energy from one fluid to another. The fluids flowing in and out at each end almost have the same temperature. 

Where a square heat exchanger is normally applied, we developed our own unique design, consisting of a round shell. This design eliminates peak stresses due to its round shape; it is lighter and smaller than a conventional regenerative heat exchanger and requires less welding. In the Bronswerk Heat Transfer design, the customer does not need any spare parts, maintenance or warehouse space. The result: more reliability and less maintenance.

Some other features:

  • Our Regeneration Cooler can be integrated directly within the piping of your plant. 
  • The cooler supports extremely high temperatures. 
  • The expansions bellow is part of the design, which makes the cooler more reliable.

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