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Pulp and paper


Challenge / question

The client would like to supply the heat of steam to waste water. This water contains approximately 250 mg of undissolved solids per litre; 50% fibres and 50% lime. A conventional heat exchanger will be faced with lime scale on the heated tubes, leading to a range of problems. How can this be resolved?

Self cleaning heat exchangers  

Our solution

We supply the client a Klarex® heat exchanger. Non fouling metal particals circulate through the tubes of this vertical shell and tube heat exchanger. They prevent lime scale from building up on the sides of the tubes from the start. A multi-path distribution system ensures a uniform distribution of the waste water (including the non fouling metal particals) across the tubes. The system also ensures obtaining a homogenous mixture. The volume of metal particals is set between 0% and 7%. This client is only faced with lime scale in the vertical tubes having upward pressure, when they are heated. Therefore, the non fouling particle stream only flows to the heat exchanger when process water is being heated.



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