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Noise Reduction

We designed an axial fan so silent that motor, transmission, and even airflow noise become the dominant factor in noise calculation.

This way we can ensure that you have the lowest noise levels, calculated and guaranteed for your newly build or retrofitted Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers and Air-Cooled Steam Condenser systems.

Passionate about heat exchange.

Reduced noise output up to 20db(A)

Our inventive designs allow you to reduce the noise output of your Air-Cooled Cooler making them the most silent in the world.


Existing fans can be replaced by our patented Whizz-Wheel fan system, enabling your cooler to reduce their existing noise output up to 20dB(A). This can be applied to both forced and induced draft applications with sizes varying from 6ft - 32ft.


For newly built equipment we have the possibility to support you and implement our ultra-low noise fan, enabling the best performance with minimal noise output. We use internationally recognized fan manufacturers as well as our in-house designed fan systems.

Whizz-Wheel fan system

When you install our Whizz-Wheel fan, you will get the most efficient fan in the world. Our newly built and Whizz-Wheel retrofitted Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers are well known for their increased performance, reliability.  They are also much smaller, lighter and most silent.

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Let's work on noise reduction

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